1st Line Global champions the importance of nationwide business trips

West Palm Beach’s fastest growing marketing agency, 1st Line Global is proud to offer a unique business model which allows them and their contractors to work out of traditional environments, with many periods spent traveling across the nation to reach various demographics.

In their quest to champion the importance of business travel to other small and medium-sized enterprises, 1st Line Global has released a statement on the importance of face-to-face interactions and subsequent nationwide travel.

National business travel is on the rise, a study conducted by Oxford Economics USA found that for every dollar invested in business travel spending, companies result a $12.50 increase in incremental revenue. The study also continued to see that should US companies eliminate national travel programs; it would take years for profits to recover.

‘It is universally acknowledged that there is nothing more beneficial than shaking a client or customer’s hand in the quest to close a deal. People appreciate face-to-face interactions, it allows queries and brainstorming to progress in a much more organic way, ’ declared James Hunt, Managing Director of 1st Line Global.

As a company that operates exclusively through in-person campaigns, the firm believes that despite the current digital era, business travel will continue to thrive, citing the importance of building and maintaining personable relationships with clients and consumers alike. ‘Business travel provides a multitude of benefit to a business, it is something that if a company does not incorporate already should seriously consider, ’ continued the business owner.

1st Line Global is passionate about continuing to provide travel opportunities to their contractors, with the scope to travel internationally as they head into 2019. 1st Line Global provides resources and expertise for clients to tap into, to help drive their sales, raise brand awareness and increase their revenue. Whatever their client’s goals, 1st Line Global can produce effective in-person campaigns to reach goals and surpass expectations.

Source: https://www.30secondstofly.com/corporate-traveler/the-importance-of-business-travel-despite-the-digital-era/