1st Line Global comments on 2019 industry trends

West Palm Beach’s leading sales and marketing agency, 1st Line Global is preparing for the New Year with their predictions for developing trends they believe will make an appearance in 2019.

‘Marketing is constantly going through a shift, and what better time to evaluate emerging strategies than the end of the year. As a business, we’ve brainstormed certain trends we think will face development across 2019, ’ stated Jaemes Hunt, CEO of 1st Line Global.

More trust in in-person recommendations / A study by Nielsen found that methods for trusted sources of advertising include people you know, reviews and websites; showing a distinct distance from traditional marketing methods such as television ads.

‘This study is great news for us as face-to-face marketers, particularly how many consumers are likely to take recommendations from people they know – that’s where we shine. Our friendly ambassadors are able to make potential customers feel relaxed and they’re also experts in our client’s brands. We’re expecting to see a huge influx of brands focusing on in-person marketing as we head into 2019, ’ continued the business owner.

Authenticity will combat development in technology / 1st Line Global believes that authenticity reigns supreme, and in an ever-developing technology-focused world, genuine relationships with consumers will always lead sales. 1st Line Global are experts in customer acquisition, understanding the requirements needed to turn leads into lasting customers for their client’s brands.

‘Automation is covering a lot of bases but it will never replace the personal touch that can come with a friendly smile. Brands understand the importance of longevity, and ensuring long-lasting custom is essential to that,’ contends the entrepreneur.

1st Line Global provides resources and expertise for their clients to tap into in order to help drive their sales, raise brand awareness and increase their revenue. The firm’s primary goal is to build positive brand awareness, in campaigns across the globe, tapping into their long history of entrepreneurship, industry knowledge and high-market demand.

CEO, Jaemes Hunt understands the importance of monitoring consumer trends to stay ahead of the game and on the 1st Line. The business has seen dramatic success over the course of 2018 and is excited to see the future of the company as they enter the New Year.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnhall/2018/06/17/5-marketing-trends-to-pay-attention-to-in-2019/#3f05392d60f7