1st Line Global comments on latest Florida Entrepreneurial Accolade

1st Line Global is West Palm Beach’s fastest growing direct marketing agency, and the firm has recently released a statement after reading an inc.com article that rated the state of Florida as one of the best places for entrepreneurs and startup enterprises.

The sunshine state has reached the accolade through a number of positive attributes that go beyond the fantastic weather, inclusive of the low cost of living and its strong levels of diversity amongst startup businesses.

“Florida has proved to be an excellent state for not only all of us here at 1st Line Global but many startup businesses within our industry. We’re excited about its latest accolade, and we’re hopeful that many aspiring entrepreneurs will see it as a great place to begin the adventure of owning their own business,” stated Jaemes Hunt, CEO of 1st Line Global.

1st Line Global is passionate about providing opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs, and the business has developed a unique in-house program designed to enhance the skills and abilities of those enrolled within the 1st Line Global entrepreneurship syllabus.

The firm frequently conducts seminars and workshops designed around emerging marketing trends, ensuring their brand ambassadors remain the most informed in the business. As a business that is eager to give back to the community, the firm prepares individuals for a life in business ownership – actively encouraging those within it on their entrepreneurial path.

CEO and Business Owner, Jaemes Hunt is passionate about providing mentorship to those just beginning on their paths to success. “I know how hard it can be when starting out, that’s why at 1st Line Global we provide all our contractors with the knowledge base and skill development to give them the best fighting shot at success in our sector.”

Due to their increasing market reach and client demand, 1st Line Global are continually looking for a new wave of talent to join their team, who can keep up with a fast-paced sales environment. Any individuals looking for a change from the typical 9-5 routine with a chance to experience new opportunities, learn new sales techniques and reach personal goals can reach 1st Line Global via email on info@1stlineglobal.com

Source: https://www.inc.com/catherine-perloff/2018-inc5000-top-10-states.html?cid=landermore