1st Line Global comments on the South Florida Startup Scene

As an enterprise that advocates for entrepreneurship, 1st Line Global and business owner Jaemes Hunt were ecstatic to hear that South Florida has been hailed as an entrepreneurial hub, and is a beacon for aspiring business moguls from across the US.

Researchers from the Kauffman Foundation that measure the success and development of new business creation found that South Florida boasted vast levels of success in the entrepreneurial landscape. The state came number one amongst the forty largest metropolitan areas across the United States.

The study measured data from government records that included elements of the rate of new businesses, the drive behind this, startup density and the number of employed individuals. South Florida was shown to excel in the sheer amount of entrepreneurs, which has demonstrated a dramatic increase in recent years.

1st Line Global’s Managing Director, Jaemes Hunt commented on the findings, “Everyone here at 1st Line is thrilled to hear that we’re based in a state with such inspiring entrepreneurial figures. The startup scene here in West Palm Beach is fantastic and provides incredible opportunities for networking with new business owners across a range of industries. I’m excited to see where the coming months take South Florida regarding exciting new enterprises.”

1st Line Global is passionate about providing opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs, and Managing Director Jaemes Hunt has developed a unique business development program that is designed to enhance the skills of contractors at the firm. 1st Line Global conducts regular workshops, seminars and networking opportunities focused on the sales and marketing sector. The business is eager to continue to provide their contractors with the skills and knowledge to excel in the sector. Mr Hunt has long declared his passion for ‘creating future business owners that are destined to make a difference.’

West Palm Beach’s long-standing marketing agency 1st Line Global has proven the brand as an expert in the startup landscape within the state, the firm is showing promise of expansion in the coming months and is set to continue with their domination of the sales and marketing industry in South Florida.

Source: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/article151189417.html