1st Line Global discuss the importance of competition with a new office opening

1st Line Global is in the planning stages of opening new offices across the East coast of America, with the hopes of creating a level of friendly competition between both sites across the nation. The firm understands the importance of creating an environment that breed’s healthy competition and good levels of teamwork. The company has put together their top reasons for creating such culture, in the hopes that other companies within the industry follow their example.  

Establish open communication: 1st Line Global understands that creating discussion through teamwork across the scope of a company encourages learning between contractors. By creating regular competition, the professionals at the firm can discover new techniques and skills that will help them progress within their professional lives.  

Invite pro-active problem solving: The firm is keen to encourage their contractors to work with one another, particularly during their initial few weeks with the business. By creating a competitive goal amongst contractors, the firm finds that young professionals become more determined to think of alternative approaches that will help them to reach their targets.  

Never take personal credit: 1st Line Global encourages their professionals to consistently work together when in the field; the firm finds that teamwork breeds success. Recognizing the achievements and success of others helps contributes to a positive company culture that results in beneficial aspects across the board.  

Encourage a sense of fun: The firm has a strong ethic of fun, that comes hand in hand with professionalism and hard work. 1st Line Global encourages their workforce to find fun paths within their professional lives, helping to contribute to stronger bonds between contractors and more effective teamwork.  

1st Line Global’s new office is set to open in early 2018, setting the example for the rest of the year. The firm’s new office will open with five of the company’s highest performers to train recruits. 1st Line Global’s current office is based in West Palm Beach, Florida specializing in quality, long-term marketing campaigns. The firm has seen massive success over 2017 and is hoping to continue to exceed targets into 2018.