1st Line Global explores South Florida’s title as Startup city of choice for entrepreneurs

1st Line Global are West Palm Beach’s direct sales and marketing experts, and as such, the firm has responded to recent research that has listed South Florida as an entrepreneurial magnet. The state has proven its worth as a hub for startup businesses, with 139 companies listed on the Inc. 5000 list choosing South Florida as their HQ as of 2015.

The state boasts a plethora of industries – ranging from healthcare to advertising, proving its worth as a business empire, and attraction to individuals of all disciplines. 1st Line Global detailed the many benefits of starting a business in South Florida, focusing on the economic aspects that attract a number of young and inspired entrepreneurs to the area.

Living costs across the state are much cheaper than it’s business counterparts such as New York and San Francisco. South Florida is an attraction to young professionals wishing to start their businesses in a thriving environment surrounded by like-minded individuals.

South Florida boasts a number of modern and innovated co-working spaces across each city, shaping the landscape of the entrepreneurial sphere, helping young business owners to establish their companies effectively. The amount of resources and guidance available to entrepreneurs in our state is unrivaled, states 1st Line Global.

Local businesses are also providing their own guidance for young business owners, such as 1st Line Global. The firm’s business development program focuses on providing the skills and qualities needed to succeed in a challenging startup environment.

Barry Kates, President of the Entrepreneurs Organization in South Florida, details his take on the attraction of the state;

We’re clearly a pioneer in the new cultural movement.” The business expert continues to detail the rapidly growing startup culture in comparison to that of New York and Boston, and the reasoning behind this, by stating, “I think it’s the climate, the sexiness, the diverse culture we have.

We’re ecstatic to see South Florida recognized as the business hub it is, the state and West Palm Beach, in particular, boasts huge opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. We’re excited to see the city develop in the coming months and welcome new and exciting companies into the area,” detailed Jaemes Hunt, Managing Director of 1st Line Global.