1st Line Global explores what Businesses can learn from Sports Innovation

1st Line Global have long detailed the connection that can be made between the seemingly disparate sports and business industries, how one often enhances the other. In their latest research, the firm has turned to innovation, a surprising source of inspiration and knowledge from the sporting world.

Innovation and the sports industry is a surprising connection that 1st Line Global are eager to explore in further detail, hoping to inspire not only their contractors but other leading players in the sales and marketing industry.

The firm has recognized that many sports within the competitive sphere often have a leading player or a prominent concept. This is an aspect 1st Line global is eager to encourage within a business, advising others to take something that seems seemingly impossible within the industry, and figure out a way to implement it, making it possible. The firm details how breaking misconceptions about something is what breeds success.

Generating a winning team often sounds easier than first implemented, however, 1st Line Global advises that through consistent innovation this is one of the critical parallels that can be drawn between sports and business. A winning team is one that communicates, works well together and plays to each others strengths, the same is applicable within the competitive world of business. The firm pinpoints that every team needs an active coach (leader) or strategist to combine the skills and qualities of everyone involved.

Many sports are now improving human performance through the use of real data, a definite act of innovation that 1st Line Global is urging other businesses to follow. The firm recognize that whether this data is collated through technology or more human-based recording, they are essential to improving performance. Leaders must know how to capture data to ultimately improve human-centered performance so that contractors can do their best work

1st Line Global is the West Palm Beach marketing agency that have a number of years experience in the industry. The firm is run by serial entrepreneur and successful business owner, Jaemes Hunt. Mr Hunt has his own experience within the professional sporting industry, often using this as inspiration for a number of company-wide workshops aimed at inspiring and enhancing the skills of the 1st Line Global contractors.

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