1st Line Global focuses on 2018 resolution success

As customer-acquisition specialists 1st Line Global turn their attention to growth plans in 2019, they begin their reflection on the previous twelve months. The firm is urging their ambassadors to begin the planning of their resolutions now, setting them up for achievable success.

‘The end of the year is a great time for reflection and never more applicable than in business. We recently ran a workshop focused on objectives to achieve over the next twelve months, and we’re hoping to give our ambassadors all the support to achieve their resolutions, ’ declared a spokesperson for 1st Line Global.

In the light of this comment, the firm has released a statement that covers crucial elements they believe will help individuals to stay on track in goal achievement across the next twelve months, with the firm’s Managing Director, Jaemes Hunt giving the process his seal of approval.

Put in place a process for being better / 1st Line Global advises putting in place a process that aims to ensure each small goal is achieved, leading to success in larger areas. ‘This is a great way to guarantee you’re staying on track, focusing on a number of steps including analysis, strategy, and learning will help individuals in this quest, ’ continued the spokesperson.

Break bad habits while building good ones / The firm recognizes that a significant obstacle in goal achievement is overcoming bad habits that have developed over time, the company urges their ambassadors to look to this as a learning opportunity. ‘A big part of breaking bad habits is being able to recognize you’re making them, there’s a reason that 9/10 people abandon their resolutions, we’re here to provide the support to ensure that’s not the case here at 1st Line, ’ stated the spokesperson.

Seek out support / ‘We know that many individuals can often fall short in their objectives, whether this is due to a lack of drive, difficulty or loss of interest – we want to make sure that doesn’t happen here.’ 1st Line Global offers one-to-one mentorship on a daily basis, alongside motivational meetings to ensure their ambassadors remain in pole position to achieve their personal and professional goals.

As 1st Line Global looks to 2019, they are eager to continue their trajectory of success. The firm is keen to continue to build their foundation of ambassadors and continue to create future business leaders – recognizing that the first step in this quest is to ensure individuals remain on the track to success.

Source: https://www.inc.com/rhett-power/already-behind-on-your-businesss-new-years-resolutions-heres-how-to-catch-up.html?cid=search