1st Line Global give their top tips on making the most out of the morning commute  

1st Line Global understand that the biggest names in the business use all their time effectively, even if this consists of scheduling time for rest and relaxation. This week the firm has put together their top tips on how to hack a morning commute to ensure the most productivity out of the day.   

Listen to a podcast: 1st Line Global understand that the most successful entrepreneurs listen to podcasts during their morning commute, using the journey to educate and listen to others experiences is a prime way for professionals to expand their skill set says 1st Line Global. In a world that is now run by digital experiences, it is easier than ever before to consume media that explores experiences from those around the globe via smartphones and tablets.  

Read industry articles: The firm explores that along with development in technology comes a multitude of apps that allow young professionals to consume newsworthy topics over a vast array of industries. Taking time during a morning commute to update on the latest news within the marketing industry is a way to ensure professional’s stay ahead of the curve says 1st Line Global.   

Connect with networking contacts: 1st Line Global explore how the morning commute is a perfect time for this, as many professionals also use the opportunity to update emails. Taking the time to use social media or send a quick-fire email is a productive use of that 30-minute morning journey that may result in a new business partnership.  

Educate on an unknown topic: Depending on how long a morning commute is, can be the perfect time to read a few chapters of a non-fiction bestseller. 1st Line Global understand that many high profile entrepreneurs use their time efficiently to read a book a week. The firm state that selecting a book on an unexplored topic is the most efficient way to expand and develop a skill set useful for the marketing sector.   

1st Line Global is Florida’s fastest growing marketing firm. The company has an extensive team of aspiring entrepreneurs that they are consistently training to become industry leaders; as such the business frequently delivers workshops and motivational meetings to provide the newest techniques and tips to young professionals at the firm.