1st Line Global outlines sales trends and predicts developments within the industry

West Palm Beach’s direct sales and marketing experts 1st Line Global are widely considered experts within their discipline, and the specialists have detailed their predictions for the coming months and reviewed current sales trends.

1st Line Global are consistently seeking to improve their skillset and reputation within the sales and marketing sector, in reference to their contractors and services that they can offer clients. The firm fully understands the importance of industry knowledge and monitoring emerging trends to stay at the forefront of relevancy with consumers.

The development of AI technology, widely recognised as one of the most researched advancements in sales, is an emerging tool that the firm believes will shape the industry. Researchers have found that of those surveyed, 78% of sales groups have increased their focus on predicting consumer needs, an aspect that can directly be enhanced via the use of AI. This technology is widely regarded as aiding professionals in offering guidance and solutions as a preemptive strike, to increase the customer experience.

The millennial generation has now reached an age where they dominate the consumer sphere, as both customers and sellers. This age group makes the majority the sales and marketing industry, and as such are shaping both buying habits and selling techniques. The generation has been described as having an ‘increased purchasing power and representation’, an aspect that should be considered and studied within any direct sales and marketing firm. A staggering 66% of millennial professionals that surveyed have detailed the importance of a shift to focus on technology.

Researchers have also found that consumers are more inclined to ‘trust’ a business that has a robust online presence, even if their business model is strictly offline. As digital natives, the millennial generation places high regard in this area. Boasting a diverse workforce will help in businesses moulding themselves to fit the current market, argues 1st Line Global.

1st Line Global is eager to continue their study of the sales and marketing industry, persisting in their prediction of emerging trends and have a steady hand in the development of the sector. The firm is eager to focus on their development ensuring they remain at the forefront of the industry and continue to provide the best service to their clients, resulting in maximum exposure.

Source: https://www.salesforce.com/blog/2018/01/sales-trends-for-2018.html