1st Line Global responds to article on Florida’s entrepreneurial startup potential

1st Line Global, are specialists in delivering engaging, sales and marketing campaigns. The company provides resources and expertise for clients help them drive sales, raise brand awareness and increase their revenue.  

As proud Florida residents, 1st Line Global recently responded to the Kauffman Annual (an annual report of how entrepreneurs are doing across the country produced by the Kauffman Foundation). The article claimed that although the Sunshine State is good at launching startups and supporting entrepreneurship, it fails when it comes to turning them into bigger, flourishing companies. In relative terms, Tampa Bay and Florida, on the whole, aren’t doing too badly when compared to other states and metro areas such as Miami and Orlando.  

1st Line Global are astonished to find that Florida is considered to be good at creating startups, but fail when it comes to turning them into bigger companies five or more years down the road. Tampa Bay has fallen two places this year to No. 26 from No. 24 in a ranking of the 40 most significant metro areas based on entrepreneurship growth.  

1st Line Global disagrees with these findings; the company is a leader in promoting entrepreneurship. They invest a lot of their time in mentoring young professionals that have aspirations of becoming business owners but need guidance in the right direction. Managing Director Jaemes Hunt knows just what it takes to be a successful business owner. Jaemes (also a semi-professional Ice hockey player) took the skills he learned from playing sport and transferred them into starting his first company from scratch in Leeds, UK in 2012. He used his skills to generate a highly successful business and named his company after the ultimate goal for any hockey player; playing on the 1st Line. Jaemes believes it’s important to pass on the knowledge he has accumulated and helped those that need it.  

The firm believes the sales and marketing industry is particularly good at developing, finding and nurturing the talents of budding entrepreneurs. The sector helps provide young professionals with the skill set and mentality to have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and run a successful business. 1st Line Global is actively encouraging more firms in Florida to step forward and offer their support to young professionals, wanting to become entrepreneurs and provide them with the guidance needed to create their own sustainable, thriving businesses.  


Jaemes Hunt, Managing Director 



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