1st Line Global return from Jacksonville Conference Motivated for Change

1st Line Global are direct sales and marketing experts based in West Palm Beach, Florida, led by serial entrepreneur Jaemes Hunt. The director has returned from the Southeastern Regional Industry conference motivated to enhance their business model.

The annual event was held at the beginning of this month at the premier Lexington Hotel & Conference Center exclusively for direct sales and marketing agencies in the Southeastern areas of the US. The conference started at 12pm with an array of awards presented by industry giants.

The event was an opportunity for young professionals to experience an industry event at a considerable level, with sales and marketing agencies from all over the Southeastern area of the US in attendance. Throughout the day a number of industry experts gave speeches on varying subjects, ranging from time management to sales skills. The conference included a number of statements from Mr Hunt’s own mentor within the sales and marketing sector who helped him initiate his first business.

The day was full of recognition and celebration for contractors and business owners at all levels of expertise. Mr Hunt has returned from this event excited for the coming months, the entrepreneur and business owner is determined to play a crucial role in the regional conference in 2019, hopeful to cement his standing as an industry expert.

1st Line Global has a strong passion for attending such industry-wide events, recognizing that exposure to entrepreneurs within the sector acts a massive inspiration to those just beginning their entrepreneurial journeys. Managing Director, Jaemes Hunt has long believed that access to successful mentorship and opportunities to network with others across the nation is a critical attribute in knowledge and ultimate success.

“This regional conference was a huge event, an eye opener for myself as a business owner. I have come away from this event with an invigorated tunnel vision for 1st Line global. I’m excited to continue to focus on our growth and development, ” Stated Jaemes Hunt, Managing Director of 1st Line Global.

1st Line Global are Florida’s most dynamic direct sales and marketing experts, the firm has seen tremendous growth and is set to continue this trajectory with a new location recently opening in West Palm Beach. The business has a strong focus on continued evolution for their brand, inclusive of contractors and the services they provide to clients.