1st Line Global runs Exclusive Incentive Amongst Brand Ambassadors

Florida-based sales and marketing agency 1st Line Global use the announcement of their most recent incentive as a reason to promote the use of a reward-based culture for business.

West Palm Beach’s quickest growing sales and marketing agency, 1st Line Global continue to run exclusive incentives amongst their team of brand ambassadors. As an agency that measures success on results, 1st Line Global believes that incentives and rewards are paramount to help drive productivity. According to research by SITE Foundation, individual incentives increase work-performance by 27%, and team-based incentives increase performance by 45%. Also, 92% of workers in the survey conducted by the foundation indicated that they achieve goals because of the incentives set out to them.

1st Line Global has just revealed that their latest incentive sent one of their top brand ambassadors on an all-expenses-paid business trip to New Orleans. The business trip was held between the 18th – 21st October and was a fantastic networking opportunity for the deserving individual to accelerate their sales and marketing career.

The CEO of 1st Line Global acknowledges that there is a strong link between productivity and incentives. Because of the benefits that incentives bring to the success of a business, the CEO continually drives competition amongst the team. ‘We are a competitive bunch, so we thrive off opportunities to out-perform each other and smash personal records’ said a spokesperson for 1st Line Global. ‘Incentives and rewards are part of the culture here at 1st Line Global, and the CEO is consistent in his recognition of hard work and results’ added the spokesperson.

1st Line Global is proud of the rewards-based culture that they promote and highlight that a motivated workforce can make all the difference to the level of success of a company. Because of this difference, 1st Line Global has outlined the main benefits that incentives bring to a company.

Firstly, incentives go a long way to helping increase levels of job satisfaction for individuals. This increased satisfaction benefits a company because it results in an individual feeling more inclined to work at a higher level and produce better results for the business. Linked to job satisfaction is productivity, so it is logical for a company to use incentives that motivate and satisfy teams and individuals, so productivity remains high. And thirdly, incentivised individuals are more motivated to want to learn new skills. When a company has a culture of workers wishing to learn, it up-skills the business and leads to innovation.

These benefits demonstrate the reasons why 1st Line Global frequently holds competitions and incentives for their team of brand ambassadors. ‘We work hard to create a culture that adds excitement and competition to the working day and nurture a winning-mentality for us, and our clients’ said the CEO of 1st Line Global.

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