1st Line Global Travel to Las Vegas for Business Event

Sales and marketing firm 1st Line Global recently travelled to Las Vegas for a major business event designed to reward top performing individuals and aid their development.

Last week, 1st Line Global went to Las Vegas to attend a series of ‘rising star’ meetings; spanning the 9-12th February, the ‘rising star’ event was held at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, and all U.S. companies within the outsourced sales and marketing industry were in attendance. The event included many insightful meetings with numerous guest speakers offering their top tips on industry topics. The event motivated attendees, and the top performers were given awards in recognition of their achievements and potential within the business.

The Luxor Hotel was chosen to host the event because they are experts at taking care of professional needs during business events. The hotel is based in the heart of Las Vegas and has the perfect amenities and space requirement needed for such an important event. The hotel’s Business Service Centre also offers any additional business services for individuals who are away from the office but still need to keep in contact with their company.

1st Line Global took their top performers to the event to aid their development and help them progress within the business. This is important for the firm because it helps the growth of the individuals as well as allows for growth for the company with expansion plans on the horizon.

The event was hugely motivating for the firm, because guest speakers – who are the best in the industry and at the top of their game – provided information and advice of exceptional quality that, once applied, will make an enormous impact on both the firm and the individuals wanting to advance their careers. The guest speakers covered important industry tips, top performers were rewarded for their hard work, and there were various opportunities to network through the event; all contributing towards why the event was so motivating.

1st Line Global is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Florida. The company works on behalf of their clients’ brands to deliver personalized marketing campaigns directly to consumers, increasing customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty. The information from the event was first class, and 1st Line Global have already started implementing this knowledge into their business.