‘2019 is the year for strong talent acquisition’ declares 1st Line Global

Now in the New Year, sales and marketing specialists 1st Line Global are looking to shake up their recruitment strategy in a quest to attract a new generation of excited young brand ambassadors ready to kick-start their career in 2019.

1st Line Global, a company based in the heart of West Palm Beach, Florida are excited for the opportunities set to come along within the coming weeks, with CEO Jaemes Hunt discussing the subject in a recent statement,

‘We all know that many New Year resolutions are centered around career changes, and here at 1st Line, we’re hoping to make that opportunity a reality for a new generation of young entrepreneurs. We’re eager to really kick off 2019 with valuable experiences for those wishing to make their mark on the sales and marketing sector.’

In preparation for the next 12 months, 1st Line Global has outlined areas in which they plan to focus in their recruitment strategy as 2019 gets into full swing. Mr Hunt referenced the importance of awareness and continued development in the firm’s processes, ‘It’s wise business acumen to continue to evaluate your model, and particularly in such a vital aspect as talent acquisition.’

High potential over experience / 1st Line Global’s hiring criteria is not subject to experience, and the firm instead focuses upon potential and individuals that have the capacity to grow as the company develops.

Diversity drives culture / The firm recognizes the importance of collaboration, understanding that even the most charismatic leaders need to be surrounded by support – identifying that a diverse workforce is the key to success in this area.

Focus on the working environment / As a firm that attracts many millennial professionals, 1st Line Global is keen to continue to build an environment that supports the ideals of this age group. The company are keen to ensure that their ambassadors are recognized as more than just a cog in a machine, they are valued and have a strong future.

Due to 1st Line Global’s increasing market reach and client demand, they are continually looking for a new wave of talent to join their team and who can keep up with a fast-paced sales environment. Individuals can reach the firm via email on info@1stlineglobal.com

Source: https://www.inc.com/marcel-schwantes/the-three-recruitment-strategies-you-need-to-hire-top-talent.html?cid=search