Boost Motivation and Productivity in 5 Simple Steps Claims 1st Line Global

Success is the result of good habits implemented daily, argues Florida-based 1st Line Global.  The outsourced sales and marketing specialists have shared the five simple steps to boost motivation and productivity.

Research reveals that motivation and productivity are closely linked. In fact, being motivated means creating the desire to achieve a set target, explains outsourced sales and marketing specialist 1st Line Global. The results of a number of studies go even further and explicate that each individual can influence their level of motivation and self-control. Jaemes Hunt, CEO of 1st Line Global, is always striving to boost motivation and productivity to increase sales and turnover. He says: “At 1st Line Global we have implemented our five golden habits. They help us build an enthusiastic sales force that can produce quality results and play a major role in achieving our company’s goals.”

  1. Sleep well

A study by Harvard Medical School found that a lack of sleep could lower the capability to stay focused and hence productivity. “We are passionate about what we do. Nevertheless, everybody needs to switch off in order to recharge batteries”, explains Jaemes Hunt of 1st Line Global, who encourages everyone to have a good night’s sleep.

  1. Eat well

Food that is high in fat requires a lot of energy to break down properly and results in being tired and unable to be highly productive. Healthy food, on the contrary, is turned into glucose, which is fuel for the brain and increases the ability to perform well. 1st Line Global promotes eating healthy: “We need to look after our people. In return, they deliver fantastic results”, says Jaemes Hunt of 1st Line Global.

  1. Exercise

Taking the time to exercise regularly is an opportunity to switch off the brain for a while and regain a fresh perspective to situations, believes 1st Line Global. The firm also finds that exercising releases stress and can increase happiness and confidence in achieving goals.

  1. Read

Well-known entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates get inspiration from reading. In fact, research shows that reading has indeed a positive impact on emotional awareness, thus helping to improve the company’s bottom-line. 1st Line Global recommends reading three to four books a month in order to increase knowledge and get inspired by what others have experienced. Jaemes Hunt is of the opinion that there is always something to learn.

  1. Meditate

1st Line Global admits that this may not be for everyone. For more spiritual individuals, however, meditating can be an excellent opportunity to shut down and relax for a while in order to hit the ground running again. In fact, meditation is known to have health benefits. It lowers blood pressure and can promote an increased work-life balance.

Based in West Palm Beach, 1st Line Global is one of Florida’s fastest growing marketing companies. The firm creates personalized sales and marketing campaigns in order to promote and sell their clients’ services and products to a target audience. 1st Line Global believes that their success is the result of the company culture they have been promoting from day one. The firm encourages their staff and contractors to adopt the five golden habits in order to boost motivation on a daily basis and achieve great results for their clients. 1st Line Global is currently planning to expand into further markets by the end of 2017.