‘Building a New Business? You Need to Network’ States 1st Line Global

Working with a plethora of aspiring sales and marketing entrepreneurs, 1st Line Global has dedicated significant effort to sharing the skills and attributes needed to launch a successful business. Recently the firm has been discussing the crucial role networking plays in entrepreneurial success. 

1st Line Global is West Palm Beach’s fastest growing sales and marketing firm. The firm stands to deliver personalized sales and marketing campaigns that promote and sell their clients services and products to a target audience. 1st Line Global work with many young, ambitious entrepreneurs and support their professional progression through mentoring, skills workshops, and national conferences. The firm believes that first-hand experience and guidance is essential for the next generation to find their own shortcuts to entrepreneurial success.

The firm recently spoke why networking is vital to entrepreneurial success. Though networking is often left on the backburner, however, networking will deliver more return on investment than any other tool in business. Networking takes time; this is something to consider, it is not an activity that promises or guarantees instant results. It takes some tactical play from the user themselves to utilize networking in a manner that will benefit themselves or a business idea. In fact, one study reported that 78% of start-ups believe that networking is vital to their success, not only does networking provide certain opportunities, one can unlock a mountain of advice and vital information simply through taking an active lead in the act of networking and communicating with others.

1st Line Global outline the benefits of networking:

Friendship benefits

As outlined previously, networking can provide people who will protect one’s interest or business, e.g., they may be informative with regards to new regulations or regulations one must be aware of. People need others to help motivate them and provide advice where necessary to push a business forward. Of course, there are formal arrangements such as consulting swaps, but informal channels where advice is passed along can generate invaluable golden tips over time that can shape a person’s future or business.


Networking effectively provides ample opportunities to be exploited. Build a network to find all manner of opportunities. Bad networking leads to a lack of opportunities or could even damage your ability to attract better opportunities. Get better at networking!


Networking can provide help in areas such as promotion by boosting reputation, helping by building a community, provide information from their networks, connect, or set up introductions with people who might be of benefit or lend a hand when there are serious operational problems.

Positive influence

A person becomes who they associate themselves with; this becomes a part of the imagery scenario, one must uphold. People who judge us by what we are surrounded which can turn into a negative very quickly. To turn this into a positive, one must surround themselves with the right kind of people who demonstrate the attitudes, habits, worldview, and associations that a person wants to portray to the rest of the world.


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