Competition in business Increases Engagement declares 1st Line Global

West Palm Beach’s fastest growing marketing agency, 1st Line Global has been awarded an exciting incentive by one of their leading clients. The competition is focused around customer service, using real customer surveys to enter ambassadors into prize draws for a range of impressive prizes. Awards up for grabs range from a PlayStation 4, state of the art drones and Beats headphones.

“We’re ecstatic that one of our biggest clients has decided to incorporate this new incentive amongst the professionals at 1st Line Global. It is acting as a real motivator for individuals to exceed their targets and improve their customer service abilities, it is truly incorporating itself into our company culture, ” stated Jaemes Hunt, CEO of 1st Line Global.

Friendly competition in business is a crucial aspect of company culture; it has many benefits that can be essential for professional success declares 1st Line Global. As a company that taps into their sporting routes, 1st Line Global is eager to share the benefits of competition amongst entrepreneurs.

Competition in the workplace encourages engagement amongst team members and makes it a much more natural process argues 1st Line Global. The firm explores this element through the fact that frequent competitions can encourage individuals all across a business to collaborate and work together to reach ultimate success. The company continues to explain how competition can grow the skills and abilities of those within an enterprise.

“This latest incentive here at 1st Line Global is proving to encourage our professionals to really tap into their communication skills, using our weekly workshops to learn how they can develop to provide great customer service. Everyone is getting into the spirit of things, and it’s fantastic to see, ” continued the business owner.

Finally, in-house competitions bring an element of fun to a company, encouraging a workforce to get to know one another out of the typical environment. 1st Line Global prides itself on its tight-knit group of aspiring professionals that can work well through collaboration.

1st Line Global is the West Palm Beach-based direct marketing specialists run by serial entrepreneur Jaemes Hunt. The business’ most recent competition is the latest in a number of incentives organized by the company and their clients to give back to professionals at the business. The firm recognizes the importance of giving back to aspiring entrepreneurs, alongside their continued development.