‘Customer Service lessons must be learned from Facebook Controversy’ states 1st Line Global

1st Line Global runs their business with a strong focus on customer service, in such a person-centric industry they believe this to be one of the critical aspects of their business model. As such, the firm has looked to recent current events in an attempt to continue learning and advise others within this arena in which they have become industry experts.

The recent Facebook privacy data breach is one that has captivated the world, and the firm is looking to how they can use this as inspiration, exploring what lessons can be learned from Mark Zuckerberg’s failures in this arena.

1st Line Global has pinpointed aspects that can be learned, with a direct correlation to SMEs and startup businesses, stating that by providing expertise to customers they have a role of responsibility. Ultimately, companies are therefore responsible to effectively communicate to customers and clients alike in a way they can comprehend. In his testimony, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook stated, “one of the things that we’ve struggled with over time is to make something that is as simple as possible so people can understand it.”

1st Line Global frequently run company-wide seminars on the subject of effective communication, inclusive of techniques, skill enhancement, and knowledge. The firm recognizes that this skill is one that can continually be enhanced and developed over time.

“Communication is the backbone of our industry, and I think that the fact a huge enterprise such as Facebook can admit defeat in this arena is making it clear how important mastery of this skill is,” stated Jaemes Hunt, Managing Director of 1st Line Global.

The future of Facebook remains in the ability to regain trust with their users and clients, and this must be developed through effective communication and an understanding of consumer needs. This is an aspect 1st Line Global actively engages in within each of their campaigns, conducting demographic research to ensure they are best equipped to meet the needs of potential clients.

Many lessons can be learned from the recent Facebook scandal, and 1st Line Global has recognized how this is directly linked to levels of their customer service, inclusive of trust and respect. As a direct sales and marketing agency based in West Palm Beach, Florida, 1st Line Global recognizes the importance of reliable customer service, which will ultimately drive a businesses success.

Source: https://www.inc.com/kent-grayson/the-most-important-lesson-for-business-owners-from-mark-zuckerbergs-congressional-testimony.html?cid=landermore