Essential leadership lessons to be taken from extreme sports argues 1st Line Global

1st Line Global is the West Palm Beach-based direct sales and marketing firm that is going from strength to strength in recent months. Jaemes Hunt, a managing director with his own history in sports, leads the firm. Mr Hunt is eager to detail the benefits and lessons that can be learned from extreme sports in relation to the competitive world of business.

Focus on improvement, not always results argue 1st Line Global, this is a practice often adhered to in extreme sports. After an important game, or business project completion it is good habit to pinpoint areas for improvement, and how this can be achieved. Continuous improvement is the secret to success, and a student based mentality for continued learning is a crucial attraction for businesses such as 1st Line Global.

The ability to define and measure the right metrics is one that is encouraged at 1st Line Global, as this method of identifying and improving a few aspects per campaign, as in sports is the key to generating a success based company culture. Defining crucial processes is the best way to focus on innovation states 1st Line Global.

Self-care is often an overlooked aspect, particularly in business yet remains essential as to whether an individual will succeed or fail. The importance of eating healthy, exercise and getting enough sleep directly correlates to performance. 1st Line Global is eager to encourage this aspect at their business, understanding that individuals must look after themselves in order to perform at their maximum capacity during work.

Jaemes Hunt is a semi-professional ice hockey player and credits his hard work and determination to completing three seasons on the 1st line for his local team. In reference to his experience, the managing director stated, “I realized that I had to work harder to stay on the 1st line than I did to make it. I would train harder than anyone else to keep my spot and even more in the games.” The business owner is eager to inspire his contractors through lessons such as this and those detailed above to the world of business, exploring how sports and business are more relatable than they appear at first glance.

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