‘Face-to-face marketing encourages word of mouth, which is invaluable, ’ proclaims 1st Line Global

West Palm Beach’s fastest growing marketing agency, 1st Line Global has released a statement commenting on the importance of in-person advertisement, and how this can help to generate word of mouth – an essential element of enhancing brand reach.

Researchers have found that consumers resonate well when processing information on a service or product from a psychical interaction, subsequently being more inclined to discuss such interactions with friends and family, helping to generate further word of mouth marketing. As a company that focuses exclusively on face-to-face interactions, 1st Line Global was ecstatic to hear of the study.

“We know that in-person marketing is the best way to get people talking about a brand. Word of mouth comes from an interaction with our brand ambassadors. Customers that have a great experience with a representative are going to talk about it, and that core interaction is essential in brands expanding their market reach,” declared a spokesperson for 1st Line Global.

Studies have found that the average American consumer prefers this type of in-person marketing over any other form. A staggering 55% of those surveyed contend that they make word-of-mouth recommendations based on exceptional service or experience. Researchers at Talk Triggers found that amongst American’s 41% value recommendations that come off the back of excellent customer service from a family member or friend over social media advertising.

“Great customer service is what drives us here at 1st Line Global, we’re passionate about keeping up with current trends and research amongst our brand’s key demographics. These latest results from Talk Triggers is strong validation that face-to-face marketing reigns supreme in the current consumer market, ” concluded the spokesperson.

1st Line Global is the West Palm Beach direct sales and marketing agency that has a wealth of experience within the sector. The firm is passionate about their art and believes great customer service to be the driving force behind their success. The business is hopeful other agencies will heed their lessons of strong face-to-face marketing and its effect on word-of-mouth recommendations, understanding that this can be integral in achieving brand exposure.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/320097