“Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune,” shares 1st Line Global

Jaemes Hunt of 1st Line Global recently returned from a business summit in Chicago, where he was given the opportunity to develop his knowledge on the ever-evolving sales and marketing industry. Here, the business owner stresses the importance of expanding your knowledge and developing your skills.

Last week, Jaemes Hunt attended an important business summit in Chicago. The summit included a range of seminars and conferences and gathered of some of the industry’s top business leaders. The summit was an opportunity for like-minded entrepreneurs to network with each other and advance their knowledge of the sales and marketing industry.

1st Line Global is a company that firmly advocates professional development. They aim to actively stress the importance of networking and acquiring more information as an entrepreneur. They believe that most successful people in the world all talk about how they are continuously aiming to develop their knowledge to stay at the top of their game.

As a semi-professional Ice Hockey player and avid sports fan, 1st Line Global’s CEO Jaemes Hunt makes the following comparison “All the best athletes in the world never stop trying to get better. They train in different climates, different countries and learn various types of sports to develop more skills and out-do their opponents.”

The firm believes that this should be the same in a business environment and they are keen to encourage their contractors to develop an insatiable thirst for knowledge and professional development.

1st Line Global go on to state that there is always more to learn, so it is important to seek out more knowledge and expand horizons.

Speaking about the business summit in Chicago CEO Jaemes Hunt says “What better way to spend a weekend than with a group of successful entrepreneurs, exchanging advice.”

Based in West Palm Beach, 1st Line Global are a sales and marketing firm that specialise in delivering engaging campaigns on behalf of the clients they represent.