“Get great at solving problems,” says 1st Line Global’s Jaemes Hunt

The direct marketing specialists 1st Line Global are committed pioneers of entrepreneurship and dedicate a significant amount of their time making make young professionals aware of the overwhelming benefits, and ongoing challenges business ownership brings. During a recent workshop, the firm stated that to become a successful entrepreneur, individuals must, first of all, become experts at problem-solving. 

The journey to successful entrepreneurship can be filled with many benefits and challenges. Florida-based sales and marketing firm, 1st Line Global, is all too aware of this and subsequently invest a lot of time coaching young professionals to take control of their own professional growth.

The firm trains professionals in all areas of business ownership and helps them understand that to become entrepreneurs, they need to be able to take on board the positives and negative aspects in equal measure and deal with challenges and solve problems efficiently.

During a seminar held by the firm, 1st Line Global stated that entrepreneurs have no choice but to deal with problems within their company as there is no one above them that they can pass the buck on to.

1st Line Global went on to explain that people who solve the most problems are also the ones who make the most money as they are often the ones finding solutions to millions of dollars worth of issues.

Although 1st Line Global understand that most people prefer not to have to deal with negatives, they are now encouraging professionals to trick themselves into finding a way to get excited about problem-solving to dramatically improve their chances of success.

The firm takes pride in fully equipping professionals with the tools they need to take charge of their own professional development. By providing ongoing mentoring, motivational workshops, training and networking opportunities for their contractors, 1st Line Global can nurture the talent of motivated and ambitious professionals who align with the overall goals of the firm.

Based in West Palm Beach, 1st Line Global is one of Florida’s most innovative sales and marketing firms. Their personalized approach to direct marketing enables them to deliver highly engaging marketing solutions for the brands they represent. The company specialises in driving their client’s sales, raise brand awareness and increase their revenue.