Meet the CEO

Jaemes Hunt – CEO

A BA (Hons) graduate from Huddersfield University with a degree in Drama & Media, Jaemes is also a semi-professional ice hockey player. He used the transferable skills of intense competition, work ethic and the sheer will to win it takes to play at a high level and applied it to a business environment.

Starting his first company from scratch in Leeds, UK in 2012 he used these skills to generate a highly successful business and named his company after the ultimate goal for a hockey player; playing on the 1st line.

“When I signed semi-pro I knew I didn’t have the experience or talent to play on the 1st line, so I knew I had to prove to my coach and team I had the work ethic to play on the top line, so I became the hardest working player on the team.” After only a few games Jaemes was promoted to the second line and by the end of his first year was made the right wing of the 1st line.

“I realised that I had to work harder to stay on the 1st line than I did to make it. I would train harder than anyone else to keep my spot and even more in the games.”

Playing for 3 seasons on the 1st line, it was this culture of work ethic that Jaemes carried over into his business.