Motivation is desirable; drive is essential state 1st Line Global

1st Line Global is the fastest growing marketing company in West Palm Beach, Florida. As such, the firm has an extensive business development program put in place for the businesses set of dynamic and eager young professionals. The company has been focusing its recent motivational morning meetings on the premise of drive within the sales and marketing sector.  

1st Line Global has an extensive program in which they offer mentoring to their contractors, providing them with the tools for self-development and guidance. The firm has been leading a variety of workshops focused on the idea of professional drive and motivation. Managing Director, Jaemes Hunt has released a statement on the subject, stating,  “We understand that others influence motivation, which is temporary. What matters in this industry is an individual’s drive for success, drive is permanent”.  


The firm has put together a list of motivational techniques for driven individuals that are aimed at improving productivity on a day-to-day basis, aimed at improving self-development within the contractors at the firm.  


Move throughout the day: 1st Line Global understands that drowsiness can appear within a variety of industries, it is a prime pitfall that an array of professionals fall victim. The firm actively encourages their contractors to move throughout the day, support each other with high-energy techniques and maintain the excitement when both in the field and the office.  


Find sources of inspiration: The firm encourages their young professionals to find inspiration in those around them, whether this is their leaders or peers. Finding mentorship within inspirational figures is a crucial aspect of maintaining drive within the industry. 1st Line Global dictates how often inspirational individuals have had a similar journey to the individual, a counting process.  


Re-evaluate schedules: 1st Line Global discuss how they believe tackling more significant, challenging tasks and campaigns earlier in the day is key to maintaining energy throughout the day. The firm details how achieving something meaningful early in the day is a critical ingredient in motivation that has a direct effect on an individual’s drive.  


1st Line Global understand that an extended number of individuals make both professional and personal resolutions during this time of year, yet up to 90% lose track by mid-February, and subsequently give up. The firm is keen to ensure their contractors possess the essential drive that will help them succeed in all their objectives, providing that motivation comes along with the fundamental trait, drive. 1st Line Global is set for an exciting year ahead, and is eager to ensure their contractors are at the heart of the action.