Recent Expansion sees 1st Line Global seek Fresh Graduates

1st Line Global, the direct sales and marketing specialists are making growth a focal point as they aim to expand. The firm has recently opened a new office in West Palm Beach and is eager to rebuild their headquarters with a new generation of contractors, eager to prove their worth within the industry.

1st Line Global are looking to attract a new generation of eager professionals seeking to gain experience in the sales and marketing sector. In preparation for graduation season, the business has detailed why they believe the sales and marketing sector to be one that directly benefits individuals that are fresh out of full-time education.

The agency is keen to detail how the industry is one that appeals to graduates from all disciplines, finding that a diverse company is one that thrives in such a competitive sector. The firm boasts a current selection of professionals that can demonstrate a vast array of skills and qualities from their diverse backgrounds and places this in part down to their success.

Managing Director, Jaemes Hunt has developed an active business development program that has been designed to enhance the sales and marketing skills of contractors at the firm. The business provides one-to-one mentoring with industry experts, alongside frequent trips to networking events and industry conferences.

The firm is eager to provide opportunities to fresh graduates, understanding that the post-education minefield is one that can often be hard to navigate. The company promises coaching and education to dynamic individuals that possess an excitement and dedication to the industry.

1st Line Global boasts a strong company culture, it is one focused on inclusivity and continuous learning, and the firm recognizes that graduates display personalities that mould well with the values at the firm. The firm is seeking ambitious individuals that are eager to continue with their student mentality towards goals, pinpointing that the sales and marketing sector is one that is continuously developing and requires adaptability.

1st Line Global is a direct sales and marketing agency based in Florida. The firm is looking to diversify their talent pool in the regeneration of their headquarters and primary office in West Palm Beach. Any individuals wishing to discuss potential opportunities further can reach the business via email on