The First Week at 1st Line Global: One Individual’s Perspective 

1st Line Global has released a statement from one young professional’s experience on the first step of their journey.  

A demanding yet rewarding industry, the sales and marketing sector attracts a number of motivated young professionals, many of which recognize the ability to grow, develop and mold themselves into future industry leaders during their time in such an entrepreneur focused industry.

The initial week on any new industry path can be intimidating because of not knowing what to expect the first day and learning to adapt to the newfound atmosphere. The first week at 1st Line Global delivers a pro-active, business-motivated environment that trademarks the initial starting period unlike any other. Foremost, direct marketing is the practical technique of creating interpersonal relationships between the seller and potential buyers. This method is efficient due to the face-to-face connections developed, resulting in valuable agent-consumer relations.   

Beginning as a new individual and beyond, having a strong student-mentality is an essential aspect of development in both the office and in the field. As such, there are several direct marketing strategies to adhere to in order to generate high levels of production. The ability to market directly to potential consumers is solely controlled by one exigent circumstance: yourself.   

The basis for direct marketing is controlled by one’s actions–the quality of interpersonal conversations, a committed work ethic, and a positive mindset. The combination of each of these factors directly determines the quantity of production output. Exhibiting a winning mentality and maintaining consistency throughout the week are essential facets that challenge performance in the office and the field.   

Headed by a personal and professional growth-oriented setting, professionals are regularly learning about the mission of the business and how to effectively engage in direct marketing. Notably, individuals will be able to exceed their comfort zones, test their limits and consider new goals, which may have emerged exclusively within their first week at 1st Line Global.  

By: Tapkannia Koeun  

1st Line Global is eager for others to see the sales and marketing sector as an education based environment, designed for those with aspirations and clear objectives. The firm is continuously searching for professionals who can fit this specific mold, should you wish to find out more contact them at