“We want to Repair the U.S Jobs Market” States 1st Line Global

Sales and marketing firm 1st Line Global has responded to research claiming the job market in the USA is not as buoyant as it may seem, by sharing how it is planning to add real value in 2018.  

1st Line Global provide resources and expertise for clients to tap into to help drive their sales, raise brand awareness and increase their revenue. Based in West Palm Beach, the firm has seen growth in 2017 that many brands can only dream of.  2018 will see the company move their focus onto further growth and creating opportunities for a weak American professional market.   

Focussing on enterprises with the local economy, the firm will be creating opportunities for the experienced and newcomers of the industry. 

In a bid to address the current job market situation in the US, 1st Line Global have analysed publications surrounding unemployment and job satisfaction.  On initial review, the US Job market may appear to be doing well with unemployment reaching a record low in 17 years, but breaking the surface reveals flaws that if addressed can be a significant step in boosting the economy and developing a stable job market for generations to come.   

Identifying the three most prominent concerns of market analysts 1st Line Global pledge their commitment creating opportunities for those dedicated to success: 

Wages aren’t rising quickly – It has been reported that wage growth is slow, with only a rise in average earnings of 2%. Those armed with a college degree have higher wage rises, but with that only accounting for one-third of Americans, it offers little consolation.  1st Line Global provides uncapped earning potential through bonuses and commissions, with workshops daily centred around upskilling and boosting capabilities. 

Too many Americans not in full-time work – with a whopping 4.8 million Americans in part-time work looking to achieve full-time status, 1st Line Global can offer flexible working patterns to ensure that a positive work-life balance can be obtained and still manage to work full-time hours.  

Jobless rates higher for black and young Americans – Alarmingly unemployment rates differ between age and race, teens are hit the hardest with 15.9% out of work, and African Americans found themselves twice as likely to be unemployed than white Americans, 7.3% and 3.6% respectively. 1st Line Global is proud of their equal opportunities policy, and the firm doesn’t get bogged down with experience, instead hires on attitude, therefore opening the industry to everyone 

1st Line Global will be considering applications for immediate opportunities throughout January, for more information or to visit the office for an open day resumes should be sent through the website. 


Source: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/dec/08/us-jobs-market-economy-not-so-rosy