“Competitive sport taught me business success” 1st Line Global responds to Article on the Sports Mindset

1st Line Global is the Florida based direct sales and marketing firm that has built their efficient business model around the concept of competitive sports. As such, the company has responded to an article that discusses the concept of the sports mindset, and how this can be applied to the world of business.

1st Line Global’s own CEO, Jaemes Hunt has a history of sports before setting up the business in 2012. The entrepreneur showed a long-lasting desire to play on the 1st Line of his chosen sport, semi-professional ice hockey. After playing for three seasons in this position, Mr. Hunt made the transition to entrepreneurship after recognizing his strong desire for a work ethic that would breed success.

In reference to an article written by a female sports professional 1st Line Global has detailed how aspects mentioned throughout are evident within the Floridian sales and marketing agency.

Failure is okay: Sport consistently presents a mindset that failure is okay, it provides an opportunity to assess techniques, where these can be modified for improvement and subsequent improvement. 1st Line Global are eager to enhance this culture within their business, encouraging their contractors to address areas for personal growth, to accelerate their professional success.

The ability to drive one’s own success: 1st Line Global offers extensive coaching and mentorship to their young professionals, providing them with the skills to succeed. The firm actively encourages their aspiring entrepreneurs to expand their knowledge of the industry, supporting them (as within sports) that only an individual can define futures.

Understand the value of teamwork: In both sports and business, collaboration can be defined by the ability to pinpoint one’s own areas of weaknesses, recognizing this strength in others. The knowledge for generating strong team dynamics is essential in business for ultimate success. 1st Line Global a strong team ethic that encourages their contractors to grow and develop as a team.

1st Line Global understands that the sports mindset lends itself well to business, and is eager to present this knowledge to aspiring entrepreneurs. Should they possess any qualities that are evident within sports, consisting of a desire to exceed goals, strong communication and teamwork and an eagerness for friendly competition, they would excel within the sales and marketing sector at a company that understands these skills.

Should you feel you fit this role and wish to contact 1st Line Global, they can be reached at info@1stlineglobal.com


Source: https://www.theguardian.com/women-in-leadership/2015/jun/25/what-competitive-sport-taught-me-about-business-success