What does the rise of fake news mean for advertisers? 1st Line Global investigates

Having become a buzzword in recent weeks, the prominence of ‘fake news’ stories on social media means advertisers associated with those outlets could run the risk of being tarred with the same brush. 1st Line Global has investigated what the rise in ‘fake news’ could mean for marketers.

Consumer confidence in media has taken a significant hit following the rise of ‘fake news’. People find news and information via only a handful of social media sites and search engines, who not only make money from the clicks they receive but also show content based on algorithms which they learn from consumers’ personal data.

Marketing Week recently conducted research indicating a marked decrease in people’s expectations of mainstream media in the UK and US. Misreporting and false information has tarnished the reputation of media outlets, and could even have an impact on the brands that advertise in association with them. Over the past year, almost half of consumers have questioned the validity of a story they have read, with 75% of those people trusting the publishing media outlet less as a result. The survey showed that three-quarters agree with the statement, “You shouldn’t trust everything you read in a news article,” and that 63% believe the media industry needs more regulation.

CEO of 1st Line Global, Jaemes Hunt, believes the problem lies in infrastructure; “Nobody sets out to read fake news… the problem lies in a lack of quality journalists, fact checkers and concrete data.”

Ads are in danger of appearing against fake news or in other undesirable places. Mr Hunt of 1st Line Global suggests only advertising in conjunction with those media outlets which hold a deeper engagement with their readers because this is likely to mean a better recall on the ad. Building reputation means placing ads where the content runs true to the context: “You are more likely to get a deep engagement if it’s written in the tone of the audience or within the context of something important to the audience,” says Mr Hunt.

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