Why do sporting icons make the transition to entrepreneurship? 1st Line Global Investigates

1st Line Global’s CEO, Jaemes Hunt is an avid semi-professional ice hockey player with a long history in sports and entrepreneurship and has responded to a recent trend of sporting icons making the transition into business ownership.

The firm has decided to explore the many sporting stars where this is the case in an attempt to further connect the world of competitive sports and business. “We’ve spoken about the parallels between these two industries for a long time, and we’re hopeful that this latest investigation will encourage those with sporting backgrounds to consider a new role in business,” declared Jaemes Hunt, CEO of 1st Line Global.

There is a wealth of notorious stars that can be used to define this trend, ranging from Kobe Bryant’s $100 million funding of technology-focused startups, Cristiano Ronaldo’s investment in mobile apps and LeBron James cofounding a media company and investment in entertainment technology.

“It is obvious to us here at 1st Line Global that athletes and, indeed, those with experience in sports, have many transferable skills that transcend well to entrepreneurship,” continued the business owner.

They understand that setbacks don’t dictate success / As within sports, business often comes with its own challenges and setbacks – those within sports recognize that these do not determine ultimate success, declares 1st Line Global. The firm likens sporting injuries to business obstacles, citing that those who survive are those who refuse to give up.

They create legacies / “Athletes, like business owners, want to create something bigger than themselves – they want their name or their company to stand the test of time. That’s a key motivator here at 1st Line Global, ” added the entrepreneur. The firm is eager to emphasize how the quest to greatness across both industries is equally about the journey and the legacy.

They know that they must never lose focus / “I never even thought of losing focus or what that would mean. Losing focus as an entrepreneur can have devastating effects, ” stated Lindsey Vonn, World Cup alpine ski racer. 1st Line Global agrees with the athlete and actively conducts workshops and seminars designed to help their aspiring entrepreneurs channel their focus into achieving business success.

1st Line Global is West Palm Beach’s fastest growing marketing agency and is run by serial entrepreneur and sports enthusiast, Jaemes Hunt. Jaemes is a semi-professional ice hockey player, using the transferable skills of intense competition, work ethic, and the sheer will to win and applies it to a business environment.